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Why coding
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Welcome to LearningKart - We shape careers !!

Learning to code will increase child’s odds of securing a lucrative STEM career, especially in a world where computing jobs are growing at over twice the national average. Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to college, internship & jobs. With coding knowledge, Students better understand the world around them. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence. The early children learn to code, the better their chances to success.

  • Best to start early
  • Improves Logic Building
  • Schedule the class at your convenience
  • Makes Kids Future Ready

Our curriculum

Game Development

Create the next Minecraft, Roblox by creating exciting Games rather than just playing them.Learn the logic of games.

Website & App Dev

Develop Live Websites and deploy Apps on Google Play Store for concepts beyond your age.


Coding & Engineering - Learn Engineering and Coding Concepts through Robots.

Artificial Intelligence

Building the next Generation of Applications with intelligence and be a part of the Generation Next.

Why LearningKart?

With over a decade of experience in teaching IT Skills, we know what it takes to make IT learning simple and interesting. Our diversified experience in teaching students at all levels has helped us in creating curriculums that suit students of different ages.

  • Online Live Interactive Sessions
  • Learn in Small Groups
  • Best in Class Trainers
  • Affordable Fees Structure
  • Pay in easy installments
  • Flexible Class Timings

Why learn in groups?

Studying with others gives your child an opportunity to better understand the topic by discussing it with someone else. When there are multiple conflicting ideas, theories, and practices in a group, students must decipher which idea is the best.

  • Feeling of Competitiveness in Groups
  • Sharing of Mutual Doubts among students
  • Students learn better when interacting with students
  • Group Learning makes decision making better

Our Live Courses

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The Python Bootcamp

32 Hours (2 Months)

  • Basics of Programming

  • Learn Python from the basics to advance OOPS 
  • Live Classes, Assignments, coding practice and projects

    What we will learn
  • Installation and Variables


    Sets, Tuples, Lists, Dictionary

    Methods & Argument Passing


    Modules & Exceptions

    I/O operations

1999INR(One Time)

Per Month Price Rs. 1250


Java - Make it your cup of Coffee - 32 hours (2 Months )

  • Basics of Programming.

  • Learn from basics to Multi-Threaded applications in Java

  • Live Classes, assignments, Coding exercises and projects

    What we will learn
  • Expertise in java Language

    Installation & Variables



    Polymorphism and Inheritance

    Interfaces and Abstract Classes

    Packages and Exceptions

    I/O operations


2999INR(One Time)

Per Month Price Rs. 1750

Data Science

Data Science with Python - 64 hours( 4 Months )

  • Basics of Programming

  • Learn Data Science from collecting data to mining data

  • Live Classes, Code Practice Exercises and Project 

    What we will learn
  • Topics Covered 

    Basics of Python


    Numpy  & Numpy Operations

    Pandas & Pandas Operations

    Introduction to Matplotlib and Seaborn

    Live Data Access with Quandi

    Introduction to Machine Learning

    Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

    Deep Learning and Neural Networks

6499INR(One Time)

Per Month Price Rs. 1999

Our Methodology

Step 1

Student Code Review

A class starts with the review of previous coding topics. Students show the code they made for review.
Step 2

Formal Teaching

The teacher takes the coding project one step further and teaches whatever is need to accomplish this.
Step 3

In-Class Practice

Students implement the code they have just learnt and the hurdles they face can be solved by teacher.
Step 4

Homework Project

Students practice the session they have learnt through exercises given for Home.

How Kids Progress

Starting from basic logic building through Block based Coding to developing Live Online Website and Live App, our curriculum takes you step by step to reach your ultimate goal in Coding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my child need to have any prior coding experience?

    All students ranging from beginners to advanced are welcome. The LearningKart curriculum is designed for students with any level of prior experience, including none!.
  • Is it a one-on-one class?

    We have 1-1 as well as group classes. There are 1-5 students in a group batch depending on the slot chosen. We believe a child can learn better in a group but we can specifically arrange a 1-1 class as well if needed.
  • Will it be daily or weekly class?

    Classes are arranged mainly on an altrnate day to enable students to practice and complete homework.
  • Can I pay in monthly installments?

    Yes. You can pay in lumpsum or in simple monthly installments.
  • What if my child doesn’t like the classes even after one week?

    You can cancel your subscription or ask for refund if you do not like the classes at any point of time.
  • What if i miss any class ?

    All classes recordings are available in the student login and they can view it anytime, anywhere. For any query, they can raise doubts to their teachers.

We were extremely satisfied with Learning Kart.My children are learing coding very fast, loved it

- Parth, Parent

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